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Five Simple Things To Grow Your Digital Presence

As a business owner you are always looking for ways to save time and money while still growing your business.

There are a lot of ways you can accomplish both by utilizing the powers of digital marketing. We took our five favorite ways and made a handy list for you. Enjoy!

Claiming Your Business!

Claiming your business on google is a very important step that is constantly overlooked. Utilizing google will greatly increase your network presence and once established, optimizing your google My Business will increase network visibility.

Digital Expansion! There are many ways to expand your digital presence and many avenues to consider when doing so. Making sure that the information and content you provide is the same across all platforms is crucial. Withholding information can be just as harmful, so making the effort is worth the time.(give examples of viable avenues, google, yahoo etc.)

Even things like having the correct hours of operation can mean the difference in winning or losing a lifelong customer.

Consistency!  Although quality content is important, post consistency has a greater effect when growing your digital presence. Google uses frequency of posts as a measure to gauge your value in the digital marketplace, so posting 5-6 times a week across all platforms is guaranteed to have a positive effect. Having trouble staying consistent? Use scheduling apps like Hootsuite to be more efficient with your content or outsource your daily social media posting to companies that specialize in it for a great price.

Emails Still Got It! Emails are still a viable way to communicate and interact with your current following. Adding an email app to your website that connects directly to an email marketing platform such as Mail Chimp or Constant Contact will really grow your digital presence. Just like your social media platforms, consistent communication is crucial. Sending out weekly emails to your list that are non-salesy and informative is a great start, but categorizing your following and sending them emails  based on the topics they signed up for is a for sure way to increase the open rate.

Relevant Blogging! Last but not least, creating a voice or personality for your website through blogging will not only bring new attention to your digital presence but consistent interaction as well. Once per month, blog trends and topics that relate to your business. 500-1000 words is all it takes to increase traffic and interaction from all platforms. Sharing the blog with your email ensures that all your followers can remain in the loop.

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