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Improving Restaurants: The High Roads Kitchen Initiative

During these hard times a beacon of light is emerging in the form of a California Initiative. This initiative will shift current restaurant standards by helping those who offer food on a sliding scale to low-wage employees, the healthcare industry, first responders and those truly in need.

Some restaurants can already see the benefits provided by the High Roads Kitchen initiative. Ponce’s Mexican Restaurant and Super Cocina are offering a combined 500 free meals to low-wage and essential workers throughout the course of the program. With curbside pick up being available, and customers paying on a sliding scale, those who are financially capable subsidize free meals for those who are food insecure during this pandemic. “This pandemic has hit restaurants hard,” says Mikey Knab, Director of Operations at Ponce’s Mexican Restaurant. “Now, with High Road Kitchens, we’re able to keep our employees working with the long-term initiative of increasing their wages."

The High Roads Kitchen initiative’s main objective is to grow to 15 total restaurants and be able to provide at least 7,500 free meals throughout San Diego County. Restaurants that put their employees and customers above all else like Ponce’s and Super Cocina, are the shining examples we need for the evolution of the restaurant industry. The High Roads kitchen Initiative is another example of the new standards set for the restaurant industry. With everything that's happening right now, its individual efforts combined with organization that allow us to push forward and build a brighter future for all.

For the full story, visit the San Diego Workforce Partnership website.

Written by: Anthony Morgante

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