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Restaurants Helping Their Communities

In times such as these owners are scrambling for any way to keep their doors open, ensuring their community, customers and employees are taken care of. Our basic understanding of how restaurants operate within society has been completely adapted to better serve the individual needs of the community. Owners have now begun offering to-go meals and outside dining options, allowing customers to still eat from their favorite restaurants while maintaining safe practices. Some restaurants even offer the option to select your pick up time ensuring maximum freshness of food and one less thing to worry about during your busy day. One establishment has been able to stand out among the crowd here in San Diego by offering not only his restaurant’s services but food and supply delivery as well.

The Pushkin Russian restaurant in San Diego's historic Gaslamp Quarter has offered an option to its social media followers by allowing them to request grocery orders to be delivered. The many customers still ordering takeout and delivery began asking for other items such as toilet paper and cleaning supplies, allowing the Pushkin to expand its options to over more than 300 items including meat, bread and produce. With their website keeping the orders coming, owner Ike Gazaryan has been able to hire back his staff during these troubling times, providing to all.

The Pushkin is just the start, others have been able to provide for their communities. There are also stories of success all over the country so when Diana and Al, owners of Tony & Alba’s Pizzeria in San Jose CA, found out about the stay at home orders in effect they jumped into action. They adapted their business model to provide free pizzas for the elderly in their surrounding community. Once news of this great deed reached social media, donations started to fly in, making room to provide free salads as well.The inherent good within all calls those who are willing and able to the front lines in times of need. Restaurants like The Pushkin and Tony& Alba’s are not only providing to their local communities but setting a new standard to follow for the restaurant industry.

Check out The Pushkin Restaurant on there website:

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Written by: Anthony Morgante

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